Typing Club

BBC Typing - Dance Mat Typing
An excellent site that children can work through the different levels to learn to touch type correctly (for ages 7 to 11).

Sense - Touch Typing
A free online typing tutor with different lessons and clear diagrams to help you use the correct fingering.

Alpha Rain
Five levels of difficulty. Children have to hit keys on the keyboard before the letters fall to the bottom of the screen

Imagine that your keyboard fell apart and you had to put all the keys back in their correct places! Now is your chance to practice!

Typing Test
The free typing tests are for you - to check out your touch typing level and to see how you are doing in terms of typing speed and accuracy.

Three different speeds - you need to type whole words and single capital letters.

Type Me
A three leveled game (and each game can be set to a variety of difficulty levels). In the first level, children have to click on a letter to 'save it'. When they type the letter correctly, the letter gets a parachute as it falls from the top of the screen. The next level is lower and upper case. The final level is whole words

Type Racer
For competitive types who are good typists you can race against others online at the same time as you as you type phrases from different books. There is also a practise area where you can work on increasing your own skills rather than compete. My fingers do all kinds of horrible things in competitions but I still averaged 55 words/minute. What can you get?

Once all the students are loaded, this will be our main typing program.