Coffee Game

Rock-Paper-Scissors -- Can you beat the computer?

Let Them Sing It -- Type a phrase or sentence and let the computer sing it to you.

JogLab -- Create mnemonics at JogLab! Putting complex ideas into a simple expression can do wonders for our recall ability, and JogLab can help you coin a catchy slogan that your students will remember.

If It Were My Home -- Generates statistical comparisons of two places.

CIA World Factbook -- More information on countries than you ever needed.

Future Me -- Send an email to yourself in the future.

Reading Like a Historian -- Explore source documents

Idiom Dictionary -- Great way to explore all the Core Knowledge idioms.

DaVinci Song -- Historyteacher's channel on youtube

Thinking Game - play this, it's common, everyday knowledge but very challenging!

Don't Quit Poem - This is a great inspirational site. I love the video at the beginning.

What A Lovely Name lets you type in a first name and learn about its origin and symbolism. You can actually create a logo for it, and then email the link for posting on a teacher blog or website.

Public Profiler/World Names is a great web tool that will easily (and for free) let you map the origin of your last name and see how far its spread throughout the world. You can read a BBC news article about it.

Bridge -- Bridge is a story about four animal characters trying to cross a bridge, but ending up as obstacles to one another in the process. The moral behind this story revolves around how there are often disagreements or competing paths in life, and the possible results of pride, obstinance, and compromise.

Carrot Crazy -- another student film that won awards.

All Summer in a Day,

Movie --